Grammar Bee

Grammar Bee
Help the bee capture words quickly with your knowledge of parts of speech.

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Feb 18, 2017

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Bees - Use the arrow keys to move along the lines of the grid. A bee will be lost each time one is caught by an insect. The game ends after five bees have been lost.

Words - Find words that correspond to the given part of speech. Highlight the border of a word by passing through it. Highlight all four borders of a word to capture it.

Levels - Capture all of the correct words to complete a level. Faster insects make later levels more dangerous. Pass all twelve levels to complete the entire game. Press Esc key to pause level.

Scoring - Time bonus equals remaining time. Each level starts with more time than the previous level. Word score equals ten times level number times number of words. The number of correct words on each level varies randomly. Level score equals word score plus time bonus. Pass levels quickly to score as many points as possible.

Grammar Bee Game Walkthrough